System Components

Low installation cost and long maintenance-free life are typical reasons to choose Dura-Hold for industrial and commercial landscaping, erosion control, protective facing and waterfront treatments. Dura-Hold is a massive system and is ideal for very demanding applications.

The units are segmented to create a random block pattern. With Dura-Hold the normal setback effect can also be eliminated to create a near vertical wall. The coping unit is placed at the top of the wall to create a finished flat top for the wall.

The Dura-Hold system has four basic elements: a standard facing unit, a coping unit, a tie-back unit, and corner units (left and right).

Dura-Hold and Dura-Hold II are modular, precast concrete retaining wall systems. Each system has a number of product applications where the strength, permanence and durability of concrete are essential or beneficial. The systems consist of three basic members (i.e.: Standard, Tieback and Coping units) that key into each other without the necessity of a binding medium for securing the members. Corner units are also available for the construction of predetermined angles.

The precast units are manufactured under a computer-controlled process using state-of-the-art equipment. A "no-slump" concrete mixture is molded under high vibration frequencies and hydraulic pressures in a quality-controlled environment. The patented offset tongue and groove design allows the units to be stacked quickly and easily without the use of binding mediums or mechanical connecting devices. The offset tongue-and-groove design also produces a predetermined 1 Horizontal to 8 Vertical (1H:8V) batter, thereby eliminating the need to tilt the base of the wall to achieve improved wall stability and appearance. Normally, a non-specialized, four-man crew is all the labor required to erect the systems. Modular units allow for versatility in creating site-specific wall configurations.

The adaptability of the Dura-Hold and Dura-Hold II systems allows for their use in a wide range of applications. The ease and speed of installation along with labor savings makes these systems desirable for traditional retaining wall and roadway applications, as well as for streambank/shoreline stabilization projects. The finished "Dura-Hold" wall is a durable, aesthetic and cost-effective alternative to other gravity retaining wall systems.

The modular nature of the systems has many advantages. Because they are dry-stacked, the systems permit some "weeping" to relieve hydrostatic pressures and remain flexible in response to settling and freeze-thaw cycles. In addition, the layout of the units can be adapted during construction to form curved surfaces. The products are manufactured to close dimensional tolerances to facilitate field installation. Each of the products is virtually maintenance-free, as they do not require treating, painting or attention throughout the years. Because the systems are manufactured and constructed using prescribed and well-controlled procedures, the expected minimum service life of a Dura-Sales system is 100 years. Because the units are manufactured by a dry compaction process, they are not subject to rotting, warping or cracking with exposure to harsh weather conditions.